成熟夏季桃乾片 Stoneridge Orchards Sliced Summer Peach 113g


Stoneridge Orchards Sliced Summer Peach


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只採用樹上熟透, 多汁而甜蜜的夏季桃子。 桃乾特意切成楔形而不是環形, 以提供更好口感。

Made use of only the finest tree-ripened Summer peaches, picked when they are perfectly juicy and sweet! dried peaches are slied into hearty wedges instead of rings, providing a quality difference that you can see as well as taste.

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成分 Ingredients

桃, 蔗糖, 維他命C, 氯化鈣, 葵花籽油, 巴西棕櫚蠟
Peaches, Cane Sugar, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Calcium Chloride, Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax

原産地 Country of Origin

美國 United States

品牌 Brand

Stoneridge Orchards


規格 Specification


113 克/g



Reseallable zip lock bag



Product Details from the Manufacturer

Dried tree-ripened summmer peaches

Sliced Peaches

在 Stoneridge Orchards, 我們所有的乾果都是従世界上最好的果園和農場手工採摘的。 我們致力於為您帶来大自然最好的全天然優質乾果和乾苺。 採摘後, 我們的水果将被浸泡並乾燥以保留其天然的美味和風味, 然後小心地在我們美麗的西北太平洋地區最先進的設施中進行包裝。 我們絕不使用亞硫酸塩, 高果糖玉米糖漿, 氫化油, 人工防腐剤, 色素或調味剤。

只採用樹上熟透, 多汁而甜蜜的夏季桃子。 桃乾特意切成楔形而不是環形, 以提供更好口感。

At Stoneridge Orchards, all of our whole dried fruits are hand-picked from the world’s finest orchards and farms. We’re committed to bringing you nature’s finest all-natural premium dried fruits and berries. Once picked, our fruits are infused and dried to preserve their natural goodness and flavor, and then carefully packed in our state-of-the-art facility in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We never use sulfites, HFCS, hydrogenated oils, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

For our delicious Dried Sliced Peaches, we use only the finest tree-ripened Summer peaches, picked when they are perfectly juicy and sweet! We slice our dried peaches into hearty wedges instead of rings, providing a quality difference that you can see as well as taste.



桃, 蔗糖, 維他命C, 氯化鈣, 葵花籽油, 巴西棕櫚蠟



Peaches, Cane Sugar, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Calcium Chloride, Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax

營養價值 Nutrition 



每/Per 40g


能量 Energy

120 kcal


脂肪 Fat
胞和脂肪 of which saturated

0 g
0 g


碳水化合物 Carbohydrates
of which sugar

32 g
28 g


蛋白質 Protein

< 1 g



5 mg


About Us

我們的員工家族致力於為消費者, 零售商以及生産增值烘焙食品, 穀物, 燕麦棒, 飲料和其他基於水果的消耗品製造商, 種稙和處理世界上最好的全天然和有機乾果和冷凍乾果。

Our family of employees strives to grow and process the world’s finest all-natural and organic dried and frozen fruits for consumers, for retailers, and for manufacturers of value-added baked goods, cereals, granola bars, beverages, and other fruit-based consumables.


在1960年代初期, 華盛頓州開辦了現代化的宅地彩票, 幸運児在華盛頓市中心獲得了160英畝的土地用於耕種。 當時, 卡爾·多辛(Karl Dorsing)居住在俄勒岡州塞勒姆(Salem)的郊外, 夢想著種田。 因此, 在1962年, 卡爾進入並贏得了華盛頓的現代宅地彩票, 並将他的家人搬到了華盛頓皇家城外的新物業。 正如他們所說, 剰下的就是歴史了……


自1962年以来, 在華盛頓州中部肥沃的高沙漠地區, 多辛(Dorsing)家族一直在種植全天然和有機的優質櫻桃, 藍莓, 覆盆子, 蘋果和梨。 家族擁有並經營了三代人, Royal Ridge Fruits水果公司是其中一間西岸最大的蒙莫朗西(Montmorency)酸櫻桃生産商。 我們的櫻桃是在理想的生長氣候下種植的, 全年氣候宜人, 陽光明媚, 夜晚涼爽。 我們每年生産超過一千萬磅的酸櫻桃。 除了酸櫻桃外, 我們還在農場種植藍莓, 覆盆子, 蘋果和梨, 以及乾草和小麦。


2006年, Royal Ridge建立了自己的加工能力, 使其冷凍和乾燥水果達到最高質量標準。 世界各地的製造商都在従Royal Ridge購買大量水果, 以添加到他們的雑錦果仁棒, 早餐穀物燕麦棒, 冷凍批, 鬆餅和其他製成品。 随著工業客戶對美味的櫻桃和漿果的需求不断增長, 我們将産品範圍擴展到了草莓, 蔓越莓和桃子。

在2010年, 該公司開始營銷Stoneridge Orchards作為自己的消費品牌。 Stoneridge Orchards的使命是成為乾果類別中最具創新性的公司, 以及高級乾果市場的領導者。 以創新為中心的思維帶来了許多消費者喜愛的新産品, 包括各種漿果混合物, 甜美多汁的桃乾以及我們的新系列優質乾果, 浸入濃郁的黑巧克力或光滑而奶油般的希臘酸奶。


在Royal Ridge Fruits, 我們以對質量和服務卓越的堅定承諾而享有盛譽。 我們的員工均根據最佳製造實踐準則進行了嚴格的培訓。 我們會定期接受USDA和GMA-SAFE的審核, 並且符合HACCP食品安全和質量要求。

我們的産品是純天然的, 生産時始終沒有亞硫酸塩, 人造防腐剤, 色素, 氫化油, 高果糖玉米糖漿或其他不良成分。 我們的産品還通過了猶太潔食認證, 我們的有機産品也得到了華盛頓州農業部的認證。

Humble Beginnings

In the early 1960s, the State of Washington had a modern homesteading lottery, with the lucky “winners” getting 160 acres of land in Central Washington for farming. At the time, Karl Dorsing was living outside of Salem, Oregon, and had a dream to farm his own land. So, in 1962, Karl entered -- and won – Washington’s modern homesteading lottery and moved his family to their new property outside of Royal City, Washington. As they say, the rest is history…

Three Generations of Farming Success

In the fertile high-desert region of central Washington State, the Dorsing Family has been growing all-natural and organic premium cherries, blueberries, raspberries, apples and pears since 1962. Family-owned and managed for three generations, Royal Ridge Fruits is one of the largest producers of Montmorency tart cherries on the West Coast. Our cherries are cultivated in an ideal growing climate that enjoys warm sunny days and cool nights year round. We produce over 10 million pounds of tart cherries a year. In addition to tart cherries, we also grow blueberries, raspberries, apples and pears, along with hay and wheat on our farms.

Expansion into Freezing and Drying Delicious Fruits

In 2006, Royal Ridge built their own processing capabilities to freeze and dry their fruit to the highest quality standards. Manufacturers across the world have been purchasing bulk fruit from Royal Ridge to put in their trail mixes, breakfast cereals granola bars, frozen pies, muffins, and other finished products. As demand from our industrial customers grew for our delicious dried cherries and berries, we expanded our product offering to also include strawberries, cranberries, and peaches.

In 2010, the company began marketing Stoneridge Orchards as their own consumer brand. Stoneridge Orchards is on a mission to be the most innovative company in the dried fruit category, as well as the market leader in premium dried fruits. The innovation-focused mind-set has already led to many new products that consumers love, including various berry mixes, our sweet and juicy dried peach wedges, and our new line of premium dried fruits dipped in rich, dark chocolate or smooth and creamy Greek yogurt.

Our Quality and Service Commitment

At Royal Ridge Fruits, we stake our reputation on our unyielding commitment to quality and service excellence. Our employees are carefully trained according to Good Manufacturing best practices. We’re regularly audited by the USDA and GMA-SAFE, and we comply with HACCP food safety and quality requirements.

Our products are all-natural, and always produced without sulfites, artificial preservatives, colors, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or other undesirable ingredients. Our products are also kosher certified and our organic products are certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

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