這是一款薄荷含量高的薄荷硬糖, 用上最優質的原料, 是頂級品質的糖果。

Simpkins早於1920年代提出了“旅行糖果”的概念, 其最初的罐頭中含有大麦製糖果, 經證實可緩解旅行病(因此而得名)。

従那時起, 英國駕車者習慣在他們的手套箱中收蔵着一罐Simpkins糖果, 這對於那些漫長的汽車旅行者来說是一種享受!

A step up from the average mint, Simpkins Mixed Mint Drops are top quality sweets made using only the finest ingredients. The unique taste of these classic mints has been often copied – but never bettered.

Simpkins came up with the concept of the “travel sweet” back in the 1920s, their original tins containing barley sugar drops that were proven to alleviate travel sickness (hence the name).

Since then it has become customary for British motorists to conceal a tin of Simpkins sweets in their glove compartment – a welcome treat on those long car journeys!

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Hong Kong local delivery only

成分 Ingredients

糖, 葡萄糖漿, 糖漿, 薄荷腦, 天然香料, 天然色素, 焦糖, E100, E141, E161b
Sugar, Glucose syrup, Treacle, Menthol, Matural Flavours, Natural Colours , Caramel, E100, E141, E161b

原産地 Country of Origin

英國 United Kingdom

品牌 Brand

新普森 Simpkins


規格 Specification





Simpkins Mixed Mint Drops

傳統英式語混合薄荷旅行糖果, 採用全天自然色素和香料及過傳統方法和配方製成。

A mouthwatering selection of various mouthwateringly refreshing mints, Traditional English Mixed Mint Travel Sweets are made using only all natural colours and flavours and by traditional methods and recipes.

營養價值 Nutrition 



每/Per 100g


能量 Energy

1710 kJ/403 kcal


脂肪 Fat

0 g


碳水化合物 Carbohydrates
of which sugar

98 g
98 g


蛋白質 Protein

0 g



0 g


A.L.Simpkin & Co.

自1921年以来, 製造英國最高質量的糖果
Manufacturing the highest quality confectionery in the UK, since 1921

我們是一家發展到第三代的家族企業, 専門生産和分銷高級葡萄糖糖果和無糖糖果。 我們為来自全球的客戶提供各種服務, 並根據需要提供定制産品和合同訂單。
We are are a third generation family owned company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of High Grade Glucose Confectionery and Sugar Free Confectionery. We supply customers all over the world from our diverse range, as well as offering bespoke products and contract orders, on demand.

公司歴史Our company history

公司由阿爾伯特·萊斯利 · 新普森(Albert Leslie Simpkin)於1921年来第一次世界大戰回後成立。 他的概念是盡可能地僅使用天然香料和色素来製造高質量的葡萄糖糖果。 他開始通過藥店/藥房瞄准銷售目標, 因為這使他得以建立利基市場並避免與大型糖果製造商競爭。 在三年之內, 他在整個英國擁有80%的覆蓋率, 這意味著他擁有12,000個客帳戶。

随著業務継續蓬勃發展, 他在雪菲爾(Sheffield)的希爾斯伯勒(Hillsborough)購買了一家焼毀的製冷廠。 他利用這個殼建造了一個佔地40,000平方英尺的専用工廠, 僱用了180名員工。 正是在這個時候, 他有了擴大業務的想法, 他想従散裝大麦糖到8盎司罐裝糖粉。

由於旅行罐是唯一相對密封的容器, 因而得以發展。 這是一個重要因素, 因為這些糖果的果汁含量很高, 並且在潮湿環境中會变粘。 首先, 加入白色粉末以阻止糖果粘在一起。 1920年代的罐子不是完全密封的, 因為它們是經過縫合的罐, 因此保質期仍然很短, 但是在1950年代生産的罐子沒有接縫, 因此糖果可以保持多年新鮮。

由於Simpkins在藥房的分銷, Simpkins糖果罐最初都包含了大麦糖(經證實可緩解旅行病的症狀)……因此, 有了"旅行糖果"一詞……Simpkins自豪地成為"旅行糖果"的原始製造商。

在第二次世界大戰期間, 實施定量配給糖果時, 公司獲准銷售。 Simpkins只限於伯明翰北部銷售, 而其競争對手則限於南部。 如今, 英國的銷售仍然主要是通藥房和保健食品銷售店。

但是, 随著Simpkins公司的發展, 它已經發展並製造並分銷到大多数行業銷售部門, 包括油站小賣店和高級糖果店。

除Simpkins自家品牌産品外, 還有很大部分業務是基於其他企業自己品牌。

The company was founded in 1921 by Albert Leslie Simpkin, on his return from World War One. His concept was to manufacture high quality glucose confections using, wherever possible, only natural flavours and colours. He proceeded to aim sales through the chemist/pharmacy shops, as this enabled him to build up a niche market and avoid being in competition with the large confectionery manufacturers. Within three years he had an 80% coverage throughout the UK which meant that he opened 12,000 accounts.

Business continued to flourish and he bought a burnt down refrigeration factory in Hillsborough, Sheffield. Using the shell he built a purpose made factory of 40,000sq ft and employed 180 people. It was at this time he got the idea of extending the range from bulk Barley Sugars in jars to powdered sweets in 8oz tins.

The travel tin evolved to due it being the only container that was relatively airtight. This was an important factor because the sweets had a high fruit juice content and would go sticky when exposed to dampness. The white powder was initialy added to stop the sweets sticking together. The tins in the 1920’s were not totally airtight, as they were seamed cans so the shelf life was still fairly short, however in the 1950’s a can was produced with no seam so the sweets would remain fresh for years.

Due to Simpkins Pharmacy distribution the original tins of Simpkins sweets all contained Barley Sugar Drops (which are proven to alleviate the symptoms of Travel Sickness)… hence the term TRAVEL SWEETS… Simpkins are proud to be the ORIGINAL manufacturer of Travel Sweets.

During the Second World War, when sweets were rationed, the company was zoned as to where sales could be made. Simpkins were confined to North of Birmingham and their competitors South. Today UK sales are still predominantly through chemist and health food outlets – with Travel Tins and Sugar Free confectionery.

However, as a company Simpkins have now evolved and also manufacture for and distribute into most sales sectors including garage forecourts and high class confectionery shops.

As well as Simpkins branded products, there is also a substantial proportion of the business dedicated to own label and corporate brands.


Simpkins出口已經有80多年了, 最初以維他命葡萄糖片出口到舊英聯邦國家, 後来在1940年代初轉移到放行鐵罐糖果。

由於罐裝糖果的独特口味和質感, 它們在整個歐洲得以流行, 但不是通過藥房, 而是通過與旅遊相關的銷售領域。

日本是遠東地區最早的主要市場之一, 緊随“Quality Street”之後, Simpkins成為最早出售到日本的英國糖果公司。 當時産品已經使用了天然色素和味道, 因此符合嚴格的日本法規, 這有助於實現這一目標。

在日本, 另一個賣點是吸引消費者的展示方式, 實際上, 鐵罐成為了廉價格的象徵。 鐵罐糖果成為年輕一代送禮首選。 在很短的時間內, 銷售遍布遠東地區, 随著韓國和台灣等國家的發展, 這些地區的銷售也在擴大。

由於約翰· 新普森(John Simpkin)堅定地把産品出口, 如今Simpkins出口到全球40多個國家。

Simpkins have been exporting for over 80 years, originally to the old Commonwealth countries with Vita Glucose tablets and then moving on to Travel Tins in the early 1940s.

Because of the unique taste and texture of the sweets in tins they became very popular throughout Europe, not through pharmacy but sales areas that were connected with Travel.

One of the first major markets in the Far East was Japan and after “Quality Street” Simpkins was among the first English confectionery sold in that country. This was aided by the fact that the product already used natural colours and flavours, thus conforming to the strict Japanese regulations.

Another selling feature in Japan was the presentation that appealed to the consumer, in fact the tins became a status symbol at a low cost. They were given as gifts particularly by the younger generation. Within a short period of time the sales spread through the Far East and as countries like Korea and Taiwan developed sales expanded in those areas.

Due to John Simpkin’s determined approach to export, today Simpkins export to over 40 countries throughout the world.

家族The family

由阿爾伯特·萊斯利·新普森(Albert Leslie Simpkin)於1921年創立, 後来由児子內維爾(Neville), 布莱恩(Brian)和約翰(John)入。 2002年, John完全控制了A.L. Simpkin&Co. Ltd.。

今天, 公司由約翰的孩子Adrian和Karen Simpkin共同執行董事所控制。

Started by Albert Leslie Simpkin in 1921, he was then joined by his sons Neville, Brian and John. In 2002 John took complete control of A.L.Simpkin & Co. Ltd.

Today, the company is controlled by John’s children, Adrian and Karen Simpkin, who are joint Managing Directors.

de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito

AL Simpkin 二戰期間向英國皇家空軍提供了用於高空飛行的葡萄糖果
AL Simpkin supplied glucose drops to the RAF for high altitude flying sorties during WW11

Mt Everest Summit

1953年5月29日, 珠穆朗瑪峰首攀的葡萄糖産品的官方考察供應商
Official expedition supplier of glucose products for the first ascent of Mount Everest on May 29th 1953

Simpkins 創辦人
A.L.Simpkin – founder of Simpkins Sweets

Inside Simpkin’s Sheffield factory, in the 1930s

John Simpkin