匈牙利鵝肝醤 Rex Ciborum Goose Liver Puree 2x65g
匈牙利鵝肝醤 Rex Ciborum Goose Liver Puree 2x65g
匈牙利鵝肝醤 Rex Ciborum Goose Liver Puree 2x65g
匈牙利鵝肝醤 Rex Ciborum Goose Liver Puree 2x65g


Rex Ciborum Goose Liver Puree


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REX-CIBORUM是匈牙利以致世界頂尖的高品質鵝肝鴨肝産品的市場領導者。 匈牙利在飼養鵝和鴨, 生産鵝肝産品方面有著悠久的歴史和豐富的經験。

REX-CIBORUM is the market leader of high quality goose and duck liver products in Hungary and among the top in the world. Hungary has a long history and extensive experience in raising geese and ducks and producing goose liver products.

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成分 Ingredients

鵝肝(50%), 水, 豬肉, 脂肪, 大豆蛋白, 白葡萄酒, 玉米粉, 奶粉, 塩, 乾蛋, 香料, 麺包屑, 防腐剤(亞硝酸鈉)
Goose Liver(50%), Water, Pork, Fat, Soy Protein, White Wine, Corn Flour, Milk Powder, Salt, Dried egg, Spices, Breadcrumbs, Preservatives(Sodium nitrite)

原産地 Country of Origin

匈牙利 Hungary

生産商 Manufacturer

Merian Foods

品牌 Brand

Rex Ciborum


規格 Specification


2x65 克/g



Product Details from the Manufacturer


REX CIBORUM Goose Liver Purée

Net weight

65 克/g


Liver content




熱處理後, 整體鵝肝含量達50%, 金属罐裡蘊蔵著軟滑独特風味。

Heat treated whole conserve with 50% goose liver content, creamy consisteny and product specific flavours filled in a cylindric metal can.




The fatty goose

匈牙利有400多年的書面記憶, 反映了匈牙利填鴨的傳統。根據某些研究, 喀爾巴阡盆地這種做法可以追溯到大約一千年前。當代文献指出, 在11和12世紀期間, 養殖鵝須要交十分一的稅。也就這時候開始全國盛行這種養殖方式。 當時這些鵝的祖先好可能来自希臘。匈牙利的本土鵝就是源自這群鵝。莱瓦(Léva)地區的鵝以 其出色的肉和肝品質而著稱, 而馬科(Makó)地區的鵝則以其肝大而聞名。

由於國內填鴨式餵養興起, 全世界對匈牙利鵝産品需求越来越大。匈牙利對這些産品感到自豪, 這些産品在就業和國民經済領域也發揮著重要作用。這些産品主要是由飯店訂購的, 它們著重強調服務質量並確定對其供應商的嚴格要求。匈牙利用肥鵝肝比無與倫比的飲食體験。

不僅在匈牙利, 而且在保加利亞, 西班牙, 法國等歐盟國家以及中國, 烏克蘭和其他其他非歐盟國家都有填鴨做法。在匈牙利現行法規下, 要附合歐盟規定 , 即在需要時可追溯和召回産品批次, 除此以外, 還要求生産商在包裝上加上確認標籤。


匈牙利是世界上肥鵝肝的主要生産國。它生産的鵝肝比法國多, 産品質量得到全球認可。

The tradition of goose cramming in Hungary is reflected by more than four hundred years old written memories. According to certain research, this form of livestock framing in the Carpathean Basin dates back to about thousand years in the past. Contemporary sources state, that tithe had to paid for home goose farming in the 11. and 12. centuries. This was the time of the spread of it’s countrified form all over the country. Their ancistors probably arrived from the direction of Greece. The colour variations and landraces of the Hungarian goose were formed from this stock. The Léva region goose was remarkable for it’s excellent quality of meat and liver, whilst the Makó region bird was well-known for it’s liver size.

As a result of the domestic goose cramming, there is a great demand for the Hungarian goose products all over the world. Hungary is proud of these products, that play an important role in the areas of employment and national economic sector as well. These products are primarily ordered by restaurants, that put a significant emphasize on the quality of services and determine strict requirements for their suppliers. The Hungarian fatty goose liver provides an incomparable more remarkable experience than the liver made of meat goose.

The goose cramming process is practised not only in Hungary, but in the European Union countries of Bulgaria, Spain, France, and by the non European Union countries like China, Ukraine and more additional states as well. At the same time, the Hungarian regulation uniquely recquires not only the tracebility and redirectibility ruled by the European Union, but demands the indication of distinctive signal on the package of the products as well.

The production size of fatty liver in Hungary:

Hungary is the leading producent of fatty liver in the world. It produces more goose liver than France, and the quality of the products is approved all over the world.



Merian Foods是REX CIBORUM的品牌持有者


在匈牙利, 填鴨有著數百年的歴史。第一分書面記載可以追溯到XII世紀。 在幾百年的工作中經験中, 國內農民種植者獲得了肥鵝育種和養殖的独特技能。 匈牙利家禽業最早由居住在奧羅薩扎(Orosháza)的 B.M. Bernardineli家族開始。因此, 奧羅薩扎 可以稱為家禽業的摇籃。是匈牙利第一家涉及活禽的購買, 育肥, 加工和商業的禽業公司。二十年後, 位於奧羅薩扎的工廠開始将氷鮮生家禽放運輸到歐洲的幾個國家。

第一間罐頭廠於1968年建立, 這是加工産品業的一個進程。随後在1972年開設了新的加工廠, 然後在1976年安裝了排水渠技術。工廠在産品開發中始終發揮著關鍵作用, 其品牌産品在國內外市場上享有盛譽。 在一開始生産鵝肝産品時, 已經有建立品牌品的想法。 REX CIBORIUM 的命名和包裝是由國家創新局於1987年10月宣布的。 該産品於1989年獲得了國家保護。他們的著名經典黑金色包裝於1998年贏得了世界之星包裝大賽。 Merian的専家只採購買由獸医検験過的的牲畜, 並在現代化的工廠車內進行加工, 這些都是質量保證, 同時也是家禽行業中首批獲得ISO 9002認證的産品。 HACCP食品安全系統的功能類似於工廠, 其生産符合IFS和BRC標準。

REX CIBORUM是鵝鴨肝産品的商標,正如拉丁詞所暗示的那樣:“國王的食物, 食物的國王”。我們以REX CIBORUM品牌 出售的鵝肝和鴨肝特色菜是國內外市場上最独特的奢侈品之一。製成的鵝鴨肝産品以罐裝和半罐裝形生産, 並以各種口味, 各種包裝銷售。

Merian Foods, the owner of the REX CIBORUM brand name.


Goose cramming has more hundred years of tradition in Hungary. It’s first written records date back to the XII. century. Domestic growers acquired the unique skills of breeding and farming of fatty goose in more hundred years of work. Poultry industry in Hungary was first founded by the B.M. Bernardineli family in Orosháza in 1896. As a result, Orosháza can be called the cradle of the poultry industry. The first hungarian poultry industry company dealt with buying, fattening, processing and commerce of living poultry. Two decades later, the factory in Orosháza already made unfledging and trasported poultry placed in ice to several countries of Europe.

The first halls of the can factory were opened in 1968, it was the beginning of the triumph way of the further processed products. It was followed by the opening of the new proceeding factory in 1972, and then by the factory setting of gutter technology in 1976. The factory always played an important role in product development, it’s branded products were well-known in the domestic and international markets as well. The idea of producing branded products was formulated firstly in case of liver products. The naming and packing of REX CIBORIUM was announced by the National Innovation Office in 1987 october. National protection of the product was gained in 1989. Their black-gold packing is rightly famous, it won the World Star packing competition in 1998. Premium quality of our products is guaranteed by the fact that the experts of Merian buy animals controlled by veterinarians, the processing of them takes place in modern factory halls and these were the first products possessing ISO 9002 certificate in the field of poultry industry. Their HACCP food safety system functions in a factory-like way, their production conforms to IFS and BRC standards.

REX CIBORUM, a trademark of goose and duck liver products, as the Latin term suggests - “the food of kings, the king of food”. Our goose and duck liver specialties sold under the REX CIBORUM brand are among the most exclusive luxury products on the domestic and world markets. The manufactured liver products are produced and marketed in various flavors, in various packaging, in the form of canned and semi-canned.

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