快速酵母 Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125g


Doves Farm Quick Yeast


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這款快速酵母菌是製作出色麺包的選擇。 非常適合與麺包機一起使用, 以及進行傳統手工烘烤。

Doves Farm Quick Yeast is an excellent, quick yeast option when making bread. It's great to use with bread machines, and for good old fashioned hand baking.

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成分 Ingredients

酵母, 乳化剤(山梨糖醇單硬脂酸酯)
Yeast, Emulsifier (Sorbitan Monostearate).

原産地 Country of Origin

法國 France

品牌 Brand

Doves Farm


規格 Specification


125 克/g



Product Details from the Manufacturer

Quick Yeast

適合所有麺包烘烤, 可配合麺包機使用, 只需直接将這款快速酵母従包裝添加到乾配料中即可。

此産品已通過Coeliac UK認證。

For all bread baking, and ideal for bread machines, just add this Quick Yeast straight from pack to the dry ingredients in your recipe.

This product is Coeliac UK certified.

Free from

  • 麸質 Gluten
  • 牛奶 Milk
  • 花生 Peanuts
  • Egg
  • 黃豆 Soya
  • 小麦 Wheat

  • 素食 Vegetarian
  • 純素 Vegan
  • 營養價值 Nutrition 



    每/Per 100g


    能量 Energy



    脂肪 Fat
    胞和脂肪 of which saturated



    碳水化合物 Carbohydrates
    of which sugar



    蛋白質 Protein






    About Doves Farm

    自1978年以来, 作為農民和磨坊主, 我們関心我們的穀物如何種植。 我們相信緩慢而溫柔地種植穀物, 以及我們如何生産麺粉都對我們很重要 - 成分, 風味, 出處和對我們地球的影響。 對我們来說, 選擇適合穀物也很重要。 因此, 無論您是做麺包, 蛋糕還是烤餅, 我們従穀物選擇到研磨方式都經過仔細思量, 為您帶来最佳的烘焙效果。

    我們提供一站式家庭烘焙所需的一切, 従有機麺粉和傳統麺粉到烘焙必備品。 従各種各樣独特的穀物中發現美味, 自己的廚房中享受下廚樂。

    As farmers and millers since 1978, we care about how our grains are grown. We believe in growing grains slowly and tenderly and how we make our flour really matters to us – the ingredients, the flavour, the provenance and the effect on our planet. But for us it’s also essential to choose the right grain for the job. So, whether you’re making bread, cakes or scones, we’ve considered everything from the grain we select to the way it's milled, all to give you the best results in your baking.

    We offer everything you need for home baking under one roof, from organic and heritage flour to baking essentials. Discover delicious, wholesome flour from a wide variety of distinctive grains to experiment and have fun with in your own kitchen.

    Our story

    就像所有美好的事物一樣, 我們的故事始於激情。我們的創始人Clare和Michael Marriage著迷於全穀物和有機農業, 他們的第一顆種子於1977年播種, 最初的想法是用穀物製成高品質的麺粉。 水, 風, 土壤和陽光維持了它們的收成, 並且經過一段時間和耐心, 一年之後, 他們的第一批穀粒就可以收割了。 安裝了第一台石材研磨設備, 他們開始将全穀物磨成全麦粉。

    當時, 國內的日常麺包是白色的, 切成薄片的各種麺包, 人們對裡面的東西或它的製造方式並沒有太多的考慮。 不過, 不久之後, 越来越多保健食品商店意識到了有機全麦麺粉的光彩, 家庭烘焙熱潮正式展開。

    自成立以来, 我們已經研磨有機麺粉和傳統麺粉以及一系列天然無麩質麺粉。 我們除了用全麦粉製成了餅乾, 還将一些英國遺失的古老穀物重新帶回了我們的土壤。 先是Rye, 然後是Spelt, 随後又有Einkorn和Emmer。 時至今日, 我們継續秉承最初的使命, 精心製作優質有機麺粉, 其結果是一系列, 独特和值得信賴的麺粉, 使家庭烘焙成為一種樂趣。

    It started with a passion, as all good things do. A fascination for whole grains and organic farming, our founders Clare and Michael Marriage sowed their first seeds in 1977 with the simple idea of making great quality flour from their grains. Water, wind, soil and sun sustained their crop, and with a little time and patience, a year later their first grains were ready to harvest. The first stone grinding equipment was installed and they began to mill whole grains into wholemeal flour.

    Back then, the nation’s daily loaf was of the white, uniformly-sliced variety and people didn’t think too much about what went inside or how it was made. Soon though, health food store after health food store realised the brilliance of organic wholemeal flour, and the journey to bring home baking back to the country’s kitchens had begun.

    As a family business, we’ve milled organic and heritage flours as well as a range of naturally gluten free flours since we were founded. We’ve made biscuits from our wholemeal flour and also reintroduced some of the UK’s lost ancient grains back to our soils. Rye was first, then Spelt, and Einkorn and Emmer soon followed. Today, we continue to be driven by our original mission to make quality organic flour with care, and the result is a range of unique, distinctive and trusted flours that make home baking a joy.

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