Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

澳洲庫柏斯氣泡愛爾啤酒通過独特的頂級發酵和天然瓶裝方法釀造和發酵。 庫柏斯以其独特釀造過程而聞名, 該過程在成熟過程中會留下酵母的天然殘留物, 並呈現出渾濁的外觀並增強風味。

Coopers Sparkling Ale is brewed and fermented using a unique method of top fermentation and natural bottle conditioning. Coopers are famous for this process which leaves a natural residue of yeast during maturation and gives a cloudy appearance with an enhanced flavour.

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品牌 Brand

庫柏斯 Coopers

原産地 Country of Origin

澳大利亞 Australia


規格 Specification


375 毫升ml



Ruby red






愛爾啤酒 Ale




自従1862年湯馬斯·庫柏(Thomas Cooper)釀造了第一批起泡啤酒以来, 幾乎沒有什麼改变過。 到現在, 仍然通過們独特的庫栢酵母菌株在瓶中自然熟成。 要享受完整的起泡體験, 請在傾倒之前将瓶子滾動直至酵母沉澱物中混合。 沒有添加剤及防腐剤。

Little has changed since Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of Sparkling Ale in 1862. It's still naturally conditioned in the bottle with our unique strain of Coopers yeast. To enjoy the complete Sparkling experience, roll the bottle to mix in the yeast sediment before pouring. No additives. No preservatives.

營養價值 Nutrition 



每瓶 Per Serving

每/Per 100ml


能量 Energy

866 kJ/207 kcal

231 kJ/55 kcal



2.0 g

0.6 g



12 g

3.1 g


我們倍受喜愛的氣泡愛爾啤酒是一款大膽而独特的啤酒, 具有完美的平衡麦芽, 啤酒花和果味的特點。



為了實現這一目標, 我們在包裝之前就在啤酒中添加了少量活酵母。 這會在瓶或罐中引起二次發酵, 使啤酒中的碳酸塩化並且無需任何防腐剤或添加剤。

Our much loved Sparkling Ale is a bold and distinctive beer with a perfect balance of malt, hops and fruity characteristics.


One of the things that give our ales that unique Coopers flavour and cloudy appearance is a process called natural conditioning.

To achieve this, we add a small amount of live yeast to our beer just before packaging. This causes a secondary fermentation in the bottle or can, which carbonates the beer and eliminates the need for any preservatives or additives.


Coopers Pale


Coopers Ale


Pride of Ringwood


11 EBC


30 IBU




說我們“天生釀造”似乎是一個大膽的聲明, 但在致力於釀造藝術150多年之後, 我們相信這是事實。

庫栢是一個釀酒家放族。它在我們的血液中。自従1862年湯馬斯·庫栢(Thomas Cooper)釀製第一批啤酒以来, 我們經過了六代人。我們對釀造的熱情使我們團結在一起, 並幫助我們度過了經済衰退, 戰爭, 政府干預 , 口味变化以及偶爾的敵意收購邀約。

今天, 我們独特的天然熟成的啤酒和黑啤酒品牌在世界各地享富盛名, 我們仍在使用與湯馬斯(Thomas)相同的傳統釀造方法来製作這些啤酒。當我們說庫栢家族手工製作時, 我們是認真的。 如果您来參觀啤酒廠, 您可能會碰到在那里工作的庫栢。 儘管其他啤酒廠可能會對其“起源”提出各種主張, 但事實是我們是澳大利亞最古老的經營啤酒家族, 而且這種情況短期內不會改变。

To say we're 'born to brew' may seem like a bold statement, but after dedicating over 150 years to the art of brewing, we believe it's true.

Coopers is a brewing family. Its in our blood. For six generations we've been custodians of a proud legacy that began in 1862 when Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of ale. Our passion for brewing has kept us together and helped us through economic recessions, wars, government imposts, changing tastes, and the occasional hostile takeover bid.

Today, our unique brand of naturally conditioned ales and stouts are enjoyed around the world and we're still making these beers using the same traditional brewing methods that Thomas did. And when we say hand-made by the Cooper family', we mean it. If you visit the Brewery you'll probably bump into a Cooper who works there. While other breweries might make all sorts of claims about their 'origins' the fact is that we are Australia's oldest family owned and run brewery, and that's not changing anytime soon.


當湯馬斯·庫柏(Thomas Cooper)於1862年使用一種古老的家族配方釀造第一批啤酒時, 可以說他是新手釀啤酒商。

當時顕然, 他只是想讓啤酒成為他生病的妻子的補品, 但是由此産生的強力啤酒非常香, 以至於朋友和鄰居很快就開始欣賞它, 而不僅僅是它的“補身”特性。随著在南澳大利亞剛起步的殖民地對天然啤酒的需求不断增長, 湯馬斯·庫柏(Thomas Cooper)對釀造啤酒的熱情日益高漲, 很快便成為他的職業。

在湯馬斯去世之前, 他将啤酒廠的統治權移交給了他的四個児子, 因此開始了一種引以為傲的家族傳統, 這種家族傳統由六代人組成, 至今已有150多年的歴史。 儘管我們仍在使用Thomas Cooper的原始配方, 但Coopers的後代也在此過程中進行了一些改進。

傳統庫栢釀造方法與尖端生産技術的融合, 使得我們提高了生産能力, 並提供一致的釀造質量和風味。 結果, 我們現在絕對有信心和能力為全球客戶生産出優質天然熟成的啤酒和黑啤。 百年釀酒技術與現代創新的結合使庫栢在澳大利亞的釀酒行業中独樹一幟。

When Thomas Cooper used an old family recipe to brew his first batch of ale back in 1862, it would be fair to describe him as a novice craft brewer.

Apparently he'd only intended it to be a tonic for his sick wife, but the resulting ale was so flavoursome that friends and neighbours soon came to appreciate it for more than just its 'restorative' properties. As demand for his naturally conditioned ales grew throughout the fledgling colony of South Australia, Thomas Cooper's growing passion for brewing soon became his profession.

Before Thomas passed away, he handed over the reigns of the brewery to four of his sons, and so began a proud family tradition that has continued in an unbroken chain of six generations, for more than 150 years. While we're still using Thomas Cooper's original recipe, successive generations of Coopers have made improvements along the way.

The fusion of traditional Coopers brewing methods with cutting edge production technology has helped us grow our capacity and deliver consistent brew quality and flavour. As a result, we now have the ability to produce our naturally conditioned ales and stouts for a global audience, with absolute confidence that whenever one of our signature beers is poured, the drinker will enjoy a quality Coopers brew. This marriage of century-old brewing techniques and modern innovation is what makes Coopers unique in Australia's brewing landscape.


當您飲著我們著名的庫柏愛爾啤酒的時時候, 您同時品嚐超過150年的釀造歴史, 而我們對此感到自豪。 我們的愛爾啤酒特色在於自然熟成。 這是一個世代相傳的古老釀酒技術, 世界上只有少数啤酒廠仍具有此技巧和耐心来進行大規模生産。 天然熟成是一個術語, 它描述了啤酒在入瓶裝後進行的二次發酵。 包裝之前, 會在啤酒中添加少量酵母, 該酵母會消耗掉所有殘留的糖和氧氣, 使啤酒自然碳化, 並略微增加其酒精含量。

When you sip one of our famous Coopers Ales you are tasting over 150 years of brewing history, and we say this with pride. What makes our ales so special is that they're naturally conditioned. This is a centuries old brewing technique that has been handed down from one generation to the next, and only a handful of breweries in the world still have the skill and patience to undertake the process at scale. Natural conditioning is a term that describes a secondary fermentation that our ales undergo once they've been bottled or kegged. A small amount of yeast is added to the brew prior to packaging which consumes any residual sugars and oxygen, naturally carbonating the beer and increasing its alcohol content slightly.

自然熟成消除了巴氏殺菌的需要, 這有助於保留我們啤酒的独特和複雑的風味; 啤酒它也可以通過去除殘留的氧氣来延長其在貨架上寿命, 因此不需要添加剤或防腐剤。 這就是使我們的麦芽啤酒與澳大利亞和世界其他地區的啤酒如此不同的原因。 當然, 如果沒有我們著名的庫栢斯淡啤酒酵母, 就不可能進行自然熟成。 這種經過精心培養的酵母菌株已被庫栢啤酒公司的幾代人培育。 它的歴史跨越了我們啤酒廠的大部分時間, 並且無疑是“主角”。 這就是将其他原材变成神奇的東西的原因。 它使我們的愛爾啤酒獲得誘人複雑風味和豐富的果香。

Natural conditioning helps to retain our ale's distinctive and complex flavours as it eliminates the need for pasteurisation; it also extends its shelf life by removing any remaining oxygen and hence there's no need for additives or preservatives. This is what makes our ales so different from other beers in Australia and around the world. Of course the process of natural conditioning wouldn't be possible without our famous Coopers ale yeast. This lovingly cultivated strain of yeast has been nurtured by generations of Coopers brewers. Its history spans much of the life of our brewery, and it is undoubtedly the 'star of the show'. It's what transforms the other ingredients into something magical. It gives our ales the enticingly complex flavours and rich fruity aromas they're so famous for.


當自然熟成過程完成時, 已消耗啤酒酵母會变細小的沉澱物沉落到瓶底或桶底。 當發生這種情況時, 您就知道啤酒已準備就緒。 将其視為庫栢風味的保證。 這個過程需要兩周時間,這就是為什麼我們的愛爾啤酒和黑啤上印有“best after”而不是“best before”的原因。 為了享受完整的庫珀體験, 我們鼓勵人們在打開瓶子之前先滾動瓶子。 這有助於将沉澱物移至啤酒中, 釋放其全部風味並賦予其独的渾濁外觀。 現在, 當您執行此操作時, 人們可能會凝視您。 驕傲地滾動為您的庫栢斯啤酒, 我們保證結果值得。

When the process of natural conditioning is complete, our spent ale yeast falls to the bottom of the bottle or keg as a fine sediment. When that happens you know the beer is ready to be enjoyed. Think of it as the Coopers flavour guarantee. This process takes two weeks to happen, that's why our ales and stout have a 'best after' rather than a 'best before' date. To enjoy the complete Coopers experience, we encourage people to roll their bottle before opening it. This helps move the sediment through the beer, unlocking its full flavour and imparting the signature cloudy appearance. Now there's a chance that people will stare at you while you do this, but don't let that faze you. Roll your Coopers with pride, and we promise the results are worth it.

Brewing Process

儘管釀造過程可以用生化術語来描述, 但是一旦您品嚐了我們的啤酒, 您會明白這不能形容其真實味道。 當人們認為四種簡單的成分-麦芽, 啤酒花, 水和酵母菌可以釀造出如此豐富的口味和複雑的風味時, 就會想到煉金術而不是科學。 其實不一定只使用麦芽大麦来釀造啤酒。 一些啤酒廠會使用玉米, 糖甚至大米, 但對我們而言, 所有全麦芽是唯一的選擇。 緃使我們要多一點成本, 但是值得的。 除了産生令人難以置信的顔色, 風味和香氣外, 全麦芽釀造意味著我們不需要在釀造過程中添加糖或其他可發酵物質, 這使它們盡可能保持純浄和健康。


這一切都始於我們的麦芽。 我們選擇的麦芽決定了啤酒的大部分最終顔色, 風味和口感。 麦芽被研磨成幼麺粉後, 跟水混合併搗砕, 製成甜味的提取物或稱“麦芽汁”。 将麦芽汁煮沸並加入啤酒花, 使啤酒具有独特的苦味和香氣。 然後進行冷却, 過濾並準備進行發酵。


添加酵母以開始發酵。酵母利用麦芽汁中的糖来産生酒精和二氧化碳。 然後, 我們著名的庫栢啤酒口味開始發展。 在庫栢, 我們釀造愛爾啤酒, 烈性黑啤和拉格啤酒, 每種啤酒的生産方式各不相同, 但我們對優質釀造的熱情卻無處不在。

While the brewing process can be described in biochemical terms, once you've tasted our beers you'll instinctively know there has to be more to it than that. Alchemy rather than science springs to mind when one considers that four simple ingredients - malt, hops, water and yeast, can become a brew that's so rich in taste and complex in flavour. You don't have to use only malted barley to make beer. Some brewers use maize, sugar, even rice, but for us, all malt is the only way to go. It costs us a little more, but it's worth it. Beyond the incredible colour, flavour and aroma it produces, all malt brewing means that we don't need to add sugars or other fermentables to our brews, keeping them as pure and healthy as possible.


It all starts with our malt. Much of the beers final colour, flavour and mouth-feel is dictated by the malt we choose. Once it's been milled into a fine flour called 'grist', it's mixed and mashed with water to produce a sweet extract or 'wort', pronounced 'wert'. The wort is boiled and hops are added to give the brew its distinct bitterness and aroma. Then it's cooled, clarified and ready for fermentation.


Yeast is added for fermentation to begin. The yeast uses the sugars in the wort to create alcohol and carbon dioxide. Our famous Coopers beer flavours then begin to develop. At Coopers, we brew ales, stouts and lagers and while each style of beer is produced differently, our passion for quality brewing shines in all.


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