持久牌傳統原味無梗瑪黛茶 Aguantadora Yerba Mate Despalada 500g


Aguantadora Yerba Mate Despalada


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傳統原味無梗。經過18個月的倉存熟成, 使其自然地成熟和組成平衡的混合物, 使其具有強烈和令人愉快的味道。

Traditional flavour without stems. Its balanced mixture of Yerba Mate components resulting from 18 months natural maturation, presenting an intense and pleasant flavour.

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成分 Ingredients

Yerba Mate Herb Tea

原産地 Country of Origin

Misiones Province, Argentina

品牌 Brand

持久牌 Aguantadora


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Product Details from the Manufacturer

Yerba Mate Despalada

Smoke free

Gluten free


The best companion for work people with intense energy exhaustion.

How to drink a good mate

如果你想好好享受一杯瑪黛茶, 準備功夫是必不可少的。 以下是我們的小建議。

The preparation of mate is essential if you want to enjoy a good mate. Here are our tips.

Place the yerba

Two-thirds of the capacity of the mate must be charged.

Shake the mate

将茶杯倒轉, 用手掌蓋住它並摇晃幾秒鐘。
Invert the mate, cover it with the palm of your hand and shake it for a few seconds.

最幼細的茶葉會被置頂。 較粗厚茶葉應該會在底部。
The finest yerba should be on top.Thicker cuts should be at the bottom.

The first brew

Pour with warm water in the emptiest area of ​​the mate.

Put the straw

蓋住飲管吸嘴並插入茶葉中以防空氣進入。 注入熱水浸泡。 當茶葉開始鬆動時, 應将飲管轉到馬黛茶的另一側
Insert the straw and keep the spout covered so that air does not enter. Then pour with hot water. When the yerba begins to loosen the straw should be rotated to the other side of the mate.

Why take Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate 作為天然能量的健康来源, 通過在其成分中發現全系列維生素, 礦物質和具有公認抗氧化特性的黃酮類化合物, 引起了人們的興趣。

Yerba Mate as a healthy source of natural energy, has aroused interest by discovering among its components a whole range of vitamins, minerals and the presence of flavonoids with recognized antioxidant properties.

Natural energizer

Antioxidant action

Encourages friendly exchange

Source of vitamins

Source of minerals

Our history

我們的故事始於阿根廷米西奧內斯(Misiones)的蒙特卡洛(Montecarlo), 這是當時移民居住的殖民地, 主要是徳國人, 他們来到這裡尋找耕地, 全身投入其中。種植園主要種植玉米, 煙草, 木薯, 在1926年開始種植馬黛茶。

本世紀初唯一的交通方式是巴拉那河, 駁船是前往城市和運輸居民生産和需要的産品的唯一方式。

農作物的商業化变得越來越困難, 農民們厭倦了中間商的濫用和消費品的成本, 於是決定在合作原則下於1930年7 月24 日联合起来, 他們明白這是唯一的出路進步。

因此, 他們創立了 Cooperativa Agrícola Mixta de Monte Carlo Limitada。為此, 優先建造和組織了一家綜合商店, 然後是馬黛茶烘乾機。従那時起, 基於我們祖先的價值觀, 機構自豪地踐行了合作原則。

如今, Cooperativa Agrícola Mixta de Monte Carlo Limitada 擁有748 名活躍成員, 其中絕大多数是小型生産者。其主要活動是進行馬黛茶和木薯澱粉的生産, 加工和商業化; 不僅擁有超市和服務站, 並致力於為纖維素紙漿行業收集和銷售木材。他還是國內最大的保険公司之一的銷售代理。

The story begins in Montecarlo, Misiones, Argentina, a colony at that time of immigrant inhabitants, mostly Germans, who had come in search of land for cultivation, to which they devoted themselves exhaustively. The plantations were essentially corn, tobacco, cassava and in 1926 yerba mate began to be cultivated.

The only means of communication at the beginning of the century was the Paraná River, and barges were the only means of traveling to the cities and transporting the products that the inhabitants produced and required.

The commercialization of the crops became more and more difficult and, tired of the abuse of intermediaries and the cost of consumer items, the farmers decided to join forces on July 24, 1930 under cooperative principles, understanding that this was the only way in order to progress.

Thus they founded the Cooperativa Agrícola Mixta de Monte Carlo Limitada. For this purpose, building and organizing a general store and then the yerba mate dryer was prioritized. Since then, and thanks to the values ​​of our ancestors, our institution proudly practices the principles of Cooperation.

Today the Cooperativa Agrícola Mixta de Monte Carlo Limitada has 748 active members, the vast majority of them small producers. Its main activities are the production, elaboration and commercialization of yerba mate and cassava starch; although it also owns supermarkets and service stations, and is dedicated to the collection and marketing of wood for the cellulose pulp industries. He is also a sales agent for one of the largest insurance companies in the country.

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