French Wine Classification

  • VDQS
  • IGP
  • 法定産區葡萄酒
    AOC(Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée)/
    AOP(L’appellation d’origine Protégée)

    Wine from a particular area with many other restrictions, including grape varieties and winemaking methods.

  • 優良地區餐酒
    VDQS(Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure)

    升級至AOC級別前的一個過渡性等級。如果在VDQS時期酒質表現良好, 才有機會升級為AOC。這個級別在2010尾已經被棄用。
    Less strict than AOC, usually used for smaller areas or as a "waiting room" for potential AOCs. This category was abolished at the end of 2011

  • 地區餐酒
    Vin de Pays/
    IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée)

    可使用標明的産區內的葡萄。著重原産地, 在葡萄品種及釀造過程方面都比AOC寬鬆。
    This category focuses on geographical origin rather than style and tradition, and gives winemakers greater stylistic freedom than AOC

  • 日常餐酒
    VDT(Vin de Table)/
    VDF (Vin de France)

    作為日常飲用, 可以使不同地區的不同品種的葡萄, 主要産於法國南部。VDF在2010年引入, 用以代替VDT。 VDT可使用歐盟國家産區以內外的葡萄, 但不能在酒標上標示其産區、葡萄品種、年份以及酒莊名稱。 而VDF則只能使用法國葡萄, 在酒標上可以標示其産區及年份。
    These are simple everyday wines that are mainly produced in the south of France. It is the most basic quality tier for wines from France. VDF was introduced a replacement for VDT in 2010. Under the VDT category, wines could be made from grapes grown anywhere within the EU, and their labels cannot specify a region of origin nor vintage. While for wines under VDF category can only made from grapes within France and are allowed to display vintage and region statements.


  • DOCG
  • DOC
  • IGT
  • VDT
  • 保證法定産區葡萄酒
    DOCG(Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita)

    這是意大利葡萄酒的最高等級。除了符合DOC級別的要求, 還要標明葡萄産量, 在莊園邊界內所種植的葡萄種類, 酒精含量和最少陳年期。 托斯卡尼及皮埃蒙特産區生産最多DOCG級別的葡萄酒。
    DOCG wines have to meet the requirements of DOC wines and with additional requirements on vineyard yield, grape types grown within precise boundaries, alcohol levels and minimum aging periods. Tuscany and Piedmont carry the most DOCG wines in Italy.

  • 法定産區葡萄酒
    DOC(Denominazione di Origine Controllata)

    這個等級的葡萄酒只可使用法定地理區域內的法定葡萄品種釀造的葡萄酒, 同時亦規定了葡萄酒的地理區域, 葡萄種類和釀造方法等。
    It is equivalent to AOC classification of the. Wines that fall under the DOC category must be made in specified zones, in accordance with particular regulations including grapes type and the winemaking methods.

  • 優質地區葡萄酒
    IGT(Indicazione Geografica Tipica)

    這個等級別的葡萄酒必須使用特定産區的葡萄, 並在當地釀造。適用於品質高於餐桌酒, 卻不符合DOC釀造級別的葡萄酒
    The wines under this category can only be made of grapes from the specific region. The quality is better than VDT but cannot meet all requirements of DOC.

  • 餐桌酒
    VDT(Vino da Tavola)

    日常飲用普通品質葡萄酒。酒標上只可標示葡萄酒顔色及生酒莊名, 不能標示葡萄種類, 産地和年份。
    The most foundatmental quality standard. The wine lables can only specify color and vineyard and cannot specify information like vintage, grapes type.


  • Q.m.P
    • Trockenbeerenauslese
    • Eiswein
    • Beerenauslese
    • Auslese
    • Spätlese
    • Kabinett
  • Q.b.A
  • Landwein
  • Taffelwein
  • 優質高級葡萄酒
    Q.m.P(Prädikatwein)/(Before 2007)Qualitätswein mit Prädikat

    基於徳國寒冷天氣, 葡萄很難成熟, 因此徳國酒並非用葡萄種類而是成熟度作為衡量酒質量的基本因素。 要符合優質高級葡萄酒條件, 所採葡萄成熟度要有最少有67°予思勒度(發酵葡萄汁中的含糖量)。
    It is the top tier of German wine quality classification.Due to the cool climate, German grapes often struggle to ripen, instead of grape varity, ripeness is used as a key indicator of quality, and is the basis of the Prädikatswein system. To be qualified, a wine must be made from grapes with a must weight (ripeness) of over 67 degrees Oechsle. It may then be classified into one of the six official Prädikats:

    150-154° Oechsle


    當葡萄乾到像葡萄的時候才被採摘。葡萄的糖濃度極高。是優質高級葡萄酒最甜最貴, 亦是最罕有。
    Literally means 'dry berry selection'. Grapes are left on the vine until reaching a raisin-like state, with highly concentrated sugars. Trockenbeerenauslese wine is the sweetest, rarest and most expensive Prädikatswein.


    110-128° Oechsle


    採用過熟葡萄, 當葡萄還在氷凍狀態便會被採收及壓搾。這樣同時保留了甜度和酸度。
    It indicates that the over-ripe grapes harvested and pressed while frozen. This naturally concentrates both sugars and acids, resulting in sweet wines with balanced acidity.


    110-128° Oechsle


    It means 'berry selection'. Super-ripe grapes remain on the vine and are 'selected' only if affected by botrytis. Sweeter and richer than Auslese, Beerenauslese wines are intensely flavored.


    83-100° Oechsle


    It means 'selected harvest'. Auslese wines are traditionally sweet in style.


    76-90° Oechsle


    故名思義, 採用在收成期比期晚階段所採摘的葡萄。 晚摘酒比珍蔵酒較濃郁和甜。
    It means 'late harvest'. Spätlese wines are slightly richer, more concentrated and typically sweeter than Kabinett.


    珍蔵酒 Kabinett
    67-82° Oechsle


    With the lightest style. Kabinett wines are most often produced in a dry or medium-dry style.


  • 特定地區高級葡萄酒
    Q.b.A(Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete)

    A QbA wine must be made exclusively from grapes grown in one of Germany's 13 official Anbaugebiete (wine regions).The abv must be higher than 7%.

  • 地區餐酒

    特定區域酒, 須用徳國19個Landwein法定酒區。酒精濃度比Taffelwein 0.5%。風格只可標示為Trocken 或 Halbtrocken。
    German country wine. Can only make use of grapes from 19 Landwein regions. The abv level is 0.5 % higer than Taffelwein. Can only labled as Trocken or Halbtocken.

  • 日常餐酒

    It means simply German wine and few guarantees of quality. Taffelweine doest not bear A.P.Nr quality control number.

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