This fragrant tea lingers in the mouth with the subtle aroma of Mediterranean Bergamot oranges and the delicate taste of teas grown on our Kaimosi farm combining to produce our iconic Earl Grey.

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成分 Ingredients

Kenya Black Tea, Oil of Bergamot

原産地 Country of Origin

肯尼亞 Kenya

包裝地 Country of Packaging

英國 United Kingdom

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規格 Specification


125g 克/g


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Earl Grey

This fragrant tea lingers in the mouth with the subtle aroma of Mediterranean Bergamot oranges and the delicate taste of our Kaimosi farm as the smell of rain hits the tea bushes in the afternoon, combing to produce our iconic Earl Grey.


我們的每一種茶都只生長在我們肯尼亞的其中一個農場中, 吸取了農場的個性特徵, 微氣候和土壤類型。 我們的茶, 有明亮的, 輕快的, 平滑的, 能滿足各種口味。

Our Teas

Each of our teas is grown on just a single one of our Kenyan farms, capturing the individual characterics of the farm, microclimate and soil type. With bright, brisk liquors to smooth and comforting infusions we have a tea to suit all tastes.


作為茶農, 我們認為每個人都應該知道他們的茶的起源, 他們是如何種植的, 他們是如何生産的, 以及如何對待種植他們的人, 公開従樹叢到茶杯完全的透明度。

Bush to Cup Transparency

As Tea farmers we think everyone should know the origins of their teas, how they’re grown, how they’re produced and how the people that grow them are treated, offering complete transparency from Bush to Cup.

我們所有的茶都來自我們自己的農場, 並提供完整的可追溯性。 不採用不同來源的混合, 以減少従世界各地運輸所産生的碳足跡。只用自然生長, 無農藥的茶葉, 從我們的灌木叢到你的茶杯裡。

All of our teas are from our own farms, something totally unique and offering complete traceability through every aspect. There is no blending from different sources, no increased carbon footprint transporting teas from around the world, just naturally grown, pesticide free teas straight from our bushes to your cup.

在我們威廉森茶葉基金會和David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust的幫助下, 每個喝威廉森茶的人都可以切實地感受到他們正在参與環境保育, 以確保我們後代可以享受野生森林, 肥沃的土壤, 大象和真正的可持續的茶。

With the help of our Williamson Tea Foundation and our work with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, everyone who has a cup of Williamson tea can tangibly feel that they are making a difference to ensure future generations can enjoy wild forests, fertile soils, elephants and truly sustainable tea.


茶是一種天然的生活産品, 隨著季節的變化, 應該品嚐它的味道及其背後一切經歴, 包括種植地, 土壤和採摘的季節。

Growing Tea & The Farms

Tea is a natural, living product that changes with the seasons and should taste of where it is grown, the soils it has been cultivated on and season it has been picked in.

我們的茶葉在我們肯尼亞農場肥沃的紅赭石土壤上可持續地生長, 其區域小氣候賦予了特定的口味, 顔色和質地, 従Kapchorua種植的鮮豔明亮的Kenyan Earth到Tinderet的舒緩緑茶。

我們每個農場都有著不同的故事, 並生産獨特的茶。 正是我們對農場種植的和茶葉的深度知識使我們能夠一次又一次地生産出完美的一杯茶。

Our teas are grown sustainably on the rich red ochre soils of our Kenyan farms whose regional microclimates impart specific tastes, colours and textures, from the brisk, bright Kenyan Earth grown on Kapchorua, to the soothing green teas of Tinderet.

Each of our farms has a different story and produces uniquely different teas. It is this depth of knowledge of our farms and teas that we grow that enables us to produce the perfect cup time and time again.


我們的農場位於肯尼亞高地的中心地帶。 這裡的氣候非常適合茶葉生産; 豐富肥沃的土壤, 定期降雨, 溫暖的陽光和無蟲害。 作為土地的守護者, 我們熱衷於確保後代可以享受這些美麗的風景和自然棲息地, 我們所有的農場都以自然的節奏進行整體管理。

About Our Farms

Our farms are located in the heart of the Kenyan highlands. Here the climate is ideally suited to tea production; rich fertile soils, regular rainfall, a warming sun and pest free. As guardians of the land we are passionate about ensuring that future generations can enjoy these beautiful landscapes and natural habitats, all of our farms are managed holistically with the rhythms of nature.

Kaimosi 農場

被赤道森林環繞, 被Sirwa河穿過, Kaimosi這個名字源於當地Nandi語中“Koi Komas”, 意指兩塊巨大的石頭。 厚厚的森林和陰涼的樹木蘊釀出一種平滑、飽滿、濃郁的茶湯, 我們認為這種茶湯跟我們特制的香檸檬油完美搭配, 創造出我們的伯爵茶。

Surrounded by equatorial forest and traversed by the Sirwa river, the name Kaimosi is derived from the local Nandi word ‘Koi Komas’ referring to the site of two huge stones. The thick forests and shading trees create teas with a smooth yet full flavoured, strong liquor which we think pairs perfectly with our bespoke oil of Bergamot to create our Earl Grey teas.




鳳頭鶴, 黑白穗犀鳥, 燕子蝴蝶, 舞龍寶寶蜻蜓和野生唐菖蒲。


Crested cranes, Black-and-White Casqued Hornbills, King Swallow butterfly, Dancing Jewel dragonfly and Wild Gladiolus.


深紅色至淡黃色砂質粘土, 腐殖質表面土壤上形成火成岩。


Deep red to yellowish sandy clay soils with a Humic Acrisol topsoil developed onto of igneous rocks.


陽光明媚的早晨, 周圍的森林經常有暴風雨。


Radiant mornings, with regular rainstorms buffered by the surrounding forests.


威廉森已經傳承到是第五代的茶葉種植企業, 我們致力於生産最優好的可持續茶葉, 造福肯尼亞及其社區, 野生動植物和大自然環境。

與其他茶葉品牌不同, 我們在茶葉種植, 選擇和混合方面擁有140多年的經驗。 作為茶農, 我們所有的茶都是在我們自己的農場種植的, 這意味著我們可以控制到従樹叢到茶杯之間流程, 完全掌控茶的質量。

About Us

Williamson Tea is a fifth generation tea farming business committed to growing the highest quality sustainable teas to the benefit of Kenya, its communities, wildlife and environment.

With over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas we are unlike other tea brands. As tea farmers all of our teas are grown on our own farms, which means we control the quality of the product all the way from bush to cup.