即開即吃。 配以多士, 佐酒小食。用於炒滑蛋, 炒飯或伴意粉等等。100%純鴨肉。 濃厚軟滑的口感。充滿鴨油香。開封後, 請於一星期內食用。


Ready to eat. Warm up before serving. Ideal for cooking and it goes well with pasta. 100% pure duck meat. Softly stewed texture, creamy flavour. Consume within a week once opened and keep refrigerated .

No preservatives and colorings

運送 Shipping

Hong Kong local delivery only

成分 Ingredients

鴨肉, 鴨脂肪, 水, 塩, 黑胡椒, 糖
Duck Meat, Duck Fat, Salt, Black Pepper

原産地 Country of Origin

西班牙 Spain

品牌 Brand

Selectos de Castilla


規格 Specification


100 克/g



Rillettes De Pato

鴨肉絲是一種主要由鴨肉和鴨脂肪經過長時間烹飪而製成的肉醤。跟一般肉膩均勻的質地不同, 鴨肉絲帶有細肉絲。

成分: 鴨肉, 鴨脂肪, 水, 塩, 黑胡椒, 糖

Rillettes, a kind of pate that is made mainly with duck meat and fat subjected to a long cooking, is known as "poor man's pate", because unlike the fine and homogeneous texture of the pate, the rillette is presented with the filaments of meat.

Ingredients: Duck Meat, Duck Fat, Salt, Black Pepper

營養價值 Nutrition 



每/Per 100g


能量 Energy

2097 kJ/508 kcal


脂肪 Fat
胞和脂肪 of which satured

49.3 g
15.73 g


碳水化合物 Carbohydrates
of which sugar

6.2 g
<0.1 g


蛋白質 Protein

10 g



1.17 g



在鴨子的繁殖和生産過程中, 我們都設計了一套系統化以提供最佳鴨肉。

Both in the breeding of the animals and in the manufacture of the products we have designed a structure that allows us to offer them The Best of Duck.


鴨子是一種候鳥, 在其自然情況下, 他們會在開始候鳥飛行前幾天內覓食, 然後會不間断地飛行数千公里。 他們的成長速度非常快, 因此幼鴨會在一年當中跟随父母進行兩次遷徙。 成年鴨子可以積聚多不飽和脂肪, 以提供他們無間断飛行所需的即時能量。

為了保持傳統的繁殖系統以保留這種鳥類的良好特性, Selectos de Castilla繁殖出名為"Mulard"的鴨子雑交品種, 這個品種鴨子保留了脂肪肝和肉類的最佳品質。外觀上他們的是毛色具鄉村氣息。

The duck is a migratory bird that in its natural state feeds on days before embarking on migratory flights, moving non-stop over distances of several thousand kilometers. It has a very fast growth rate so that the young can accompany the parents on migrations twice a year. Adults can accumulate polyunsaturated fats that allow them to have instant energy for these flights without rest.

In order to maintain a traditional breeding system in keeping with the essence of these birds, Selectos de Castilla breeds the “Mulard” duck, a hybrid chosen to ensure optimum quality of fatty liver and meat. It is a colored duck of a heavy breed of great rusticity.

幼鴨在最初幾個星期, 會在我們受控設施內下飼養。 在第3周, 當長出羽毛後, 幼鴨子便走進露天場所, 在第6周時, 它們進會在冬季入住棚子保護的場地, 在其他季節就會入住面積更大的場地。 飼養園地佔地超過14公頃, 並従市政網絡獲得大量的水。 這使鴨子在自由進食的情況下可以在最佳條件下生長, 如同在野外一樣, 成為運動動物。

It is raised in the first weeks within our facilities, in a controlled atmosphere. At 3 weeks, when the feathers are hatched above the down, the ducks go out into the open in parks with access to the houses, and at six weeks they go into large areas in winter parks with sheds that protect them from the cold or in larger parks from spring to fall. The parks cover an area of ​​more than 14 hectares and have plenty of water from the municipal network. This allows the ducks to grow in optimal conditions on ad libidum feeding as they would in the wild, becoming large and athletic animals.


在成年前的半自由生活中, 他們獲得了卡斯蒂利亞高原(Castilian Plateau)乾燥健康氣候所賦予的力量, 並只會進食穀物和植物蛋白質(大豆, 花生, 多花野豌豆, 鷹嘴豆 )

在誘餌階段, 鴨子被安放在独立細小場地中, 使他們可以自由移動而不阻礙其身體發育。 歐洲只僅有10%的農場擁有這種分散式培育,以減少了培育可能出現的動物数量, 而這樣對幼鴨健康成長有很大好處。

In semi-freedom until adulthood, they acquire the strength that the dry and healthy climate of the Castilian Plateau gives them and a diet exclusively based on cereals from Tierra de Campos and proteins of vegetable origin (soybeans, peanuts, vetch, chickpeas. ..)

During the baiting phase, the ducks are installed in mini parks where they have space to move around without impairing their physical development. Only 10% of European farms have these collective parks that considerably reduce the possible number of animals in bait rooms, but they are essential for the well-being of ducks.

我們用熟粟米粒(非基因改造)逐一餵食。這種方法有利於動物的自願消化, 因為鴨肫只會在與穀物接触時才"起作用", 這樣確保我們的鴨子的脂肪肝的最佳質量。

幼鴨従誘餌階段第一天起就得到悉心照料, 誘餌場離屠宰場不遠, 以免由於長途運送而造成壓力。

Our teachers feed them one by one with cooked corn kernels (not genetically modified). This method facilitates the voluntary digestion of the animals since the gizzard "works" only in contact with the grain and ensures an optimal quality of the fatty liver based on the well-being of our ducks.

Each baiter takes care of his band from day one in the bait rooms of the farm located a short distance from our slaughterhouse to avoid stress due to long transport.

Selectos de Castilla是歐洲最早遵循1994年《歐洲公約》中有関保護牲畜的建議的公司之一, 自2004年以来, 該建議已在歐盟範圍內適用。

Selectos de Castilla is one of the first companies in Europe to take care to follow the recommendations of the 1994 European Convention regarding the protection of farmed animals, which since 2004 have been applied within the framework of the EU.



人們一直認為, 我們使用新鮮精選原材料和100%的天然成分, 精心製作我們的産品可以獲得真正令人愉悅的風味, 並且所採用使原材料的本質的技術。

鴨子来自我們自家農場, 每周星期一都在我們的屠宰場中被屠宰。 屠宰後會立即切割和篩選肝臓和鴨肉。因此, 我們可以全面掌握篩選標準和原材料的新鮮度。

所有食材在烹煮前, 無論是切割鴨肉, 乳羊肝, 鴕鳥肝還是鱒魚, 都需要先人手清潔雑質, 表皮和神經, 這些雑質會同時污染質地和味道。

通過在非常低温下烹製鴨子的不同部位。 再通過高速研磨来提高乳化。


幾十年来, 我們的産品都沿用相同配方。 高質量原料的和清潔度使我們無需添加防腐剤, 乳化抗氧化剤, 各種矯正剤以及現代食品中常見的各種合成添加剤。

The elaboration of our products is always thought to obtain genuine, smooth and pleasant flavors, using fresh and chosen raw materials, and one hundred percent natural ingredients, with techniques that do not distort the essence of the initial food.

The ducks come from our farm and are slaughtered in our slaughterhouse every Monday of every week. The cutting and selection of the livers and meat are immediate to slaughter. Thus we can have the maximum selection criteria and fresh raw material for the elaboration

Before use all parts; Whether cutting our ducks, suckling lamb liver, Ostrich liver or trout, they are manually cleaned of impurities, skin, nerves that can adulterate both the texture and the flavor.

The confit is obtained by cooking the different parts of the duck or the chosen meats in the duck's own fat over a very low heat. The emulsions are raised by grinding the ingredients at high speed.

The hams are hung in the drying room with their respective salt and pepper. We only use the noble parts of animals.

The recipes are the same that have been used for decades in the preparation of our products. The quality and cleanliness of the raw material allow us to work without adding preservatives, emulsifying antioxidants, corrective of all kinds and the whole range of synthetic additives common in today's foods.


ISO 22000: 2005

Selectos de Castilla已根據ISO 22000:2005標準認證了其食品安全體系, 以向所有客戶保證其食品安全管理體系。

Selectos de Castilla has certified its food safety system according to the ISO 22000: 2005 standard, to assure all its customers the food safety management system.


Selectos de Castilla是INTERPALM的創始成員, 該協會是Palmípedas Grasas的専業協會, 於2010年獲得農業和畜牧部的認可。

Selectos de Castilla is a Founding Member of INTERPALM, the Interprofessional Association of Palmípedas Grasas, recognized in 2010 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


泰米爾尼古拉·阿斯蒂里奧·徳·卡斯蒂利亞·萊昂理工學院已授權SELECTOS de CASTILLA公司使用TIERRA DE SABOR品牌。

The Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de Castilla y León has authorized the company SELECTOS de CASTILLA to use the TIERRA DE SABOR brand.

ISO 9001: 2015

我們於2018年10月12日對質量管理體系進行了調整, 使其符合2015年標準, 並獲得了以下批准證書, 適用於:鴨産品的屠宰, 切割和銷售。 鴨火腿製造。 鴨, 乳豬, 鱒魚, 乳豬, 鴕鳥和鵪鶉的産品的製造, 生産和商業化。

On October 12, 2018, we have adapted our quality management system to the 2015 standard, obtaining the following approval certificate, applicable to: Slaughter, cutting and marketing of duck products. Manufacture of duck ham. Elaboration, manufacture and commercialization of products of ducks, suckling pigs, trout, suckling pigs, ostriches and quails.


Selectos de Castilla的産品質量得到認可, 有幾種産品被授予帕倫西亞食品質量俱樂部的金奨, 其中包括Bloc de Foie gras, Lechazo Churro Paté和Trout Mousse。

Selectos de Castilla has seen the quality of its products recognized and several products have been awarded the golden band of the Food Quality Club of Palencia, among them the Bloc de Foie gras, the Lechazo Churro paté and the Trout Mousse.

Carbon footprint record

已在碳足跡及承諾 a)部分登記以減少溫室氣體排放及碳足跡,並具有以下数據:計算年份2017範圍 1 + 2註冊日期:06-05-2019代碼:2019-a075

Registry of carbon footprint, compensation and CO2 absorption projects of the Ministry for Ecological Transition SELECTED FROM CASTILLA You have registered your carbon footprint in section a) of Carbon Footprint and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse, with the following data: Calculation year 2017 Scopes 1 + 2 Registration date: 06 - 05 - 2019 Code: 2019-a075

自1989年成立以来, Selectos de Castilla一直将質量視為企業文化, 将質量理解為"滿足客戶需求和期望的能力"。

1994年, 帕倫西亞官方工商會認可了我們産品的高質量和創新性, 並授予Selectos de Castilla 1994年工業類銀奨。

1996年, 我們編寫了第一本質量手冊, 其中反映了公司的使命:
成為鴨衍生食品行業的佼佼者。 為了建立持續改進和增長的動力, 與合作夥伴, 管理層, 員工和分銷網絡共同努力。 運用先進技術並保留手工藝和傳統知識。 滿足並超過客戶,合作夥伴, 員工和公司合作者的期望, 従而改善了我們發展所處的社會和環境。

為了實現這些目標, 我們在2000年根據ISO 9001:1994標準實施了質量體系, 因此成為該行業中為数不多的獲得此質量標籤的公司之一, 使其置於質量生產者排名的首位。

2003年, 我們進一步提高了要求, 使我們的質量體系適應了新的ISO 9001:2000標準

我們對質量的需求促使我們定期對員工進行對公司重要的所有方面的培訓。 因此, 我們的質量總監已被認證為IRCA審核員(ISO 9001:2000審核員/首席審核員計劃IRCA / 2245)。

質量和人力資源是我們競爭和適應當前和未來市場需求的最重要資産。 我們的企業文化促使我們能夠果断而堅定地面對使命所代表的挑戰。

Since its creation in 1989, Selectos de Castilla has adopted Quality as a company culture, understanding Quality as “Aptitude to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients”.

In 1994, the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Palencia recognized the high level of quality and innovation of our products and awarded Selectos de Castilla the 1994 Silver Medal in the industry category.

In 1996, we developed our first Quality Manual in which the Company's Mission is reflected:
To be the reference company in the duck derivatives sector, as well as in any other activity that it undertakes. Establish, for this, a dynamic of continuous improvement and controlled growth, joining the efforts of partners, management, employees and the distribution network. Maintain artisanal and traditional know-how, taking advantage of technological advances. Satisfy and exceed the demand of our clients, the expectations of the partners, employees and collaborators of the company, raising the social and environmental environment in which we develop.

To achieve these objectives, in 2000 we implemented a Quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 1994 standard, thus being one of the few companies in the sector to obtain this quality label, placing it at the top of the ranking of quality producers.

In 2003, we took our requirements one step further and adapted our quality system to the new ISO 9001: 2000 standard

Our demand in terms of quality leads us to train our staff regularly in all areas of importance to the company. Thus, our Quality Director has been certified as an IRCA Auditor (ISO 9001: 2000 Auditor / Lead Auditor Program IRCA / 2245).

Quality and human resources are our most important assets to compete and adapt to the needs of the current and future market. Our company culture will allow us to face decisively and firmly the challenge that our mission represents.


自成立以来, Selectos de Castilla始終保持著對環境的尊重和重視。

Selectos de Castilla has maintained an activity and growth respectful with the environment since its inception.

在工廠層面, Selectos de Castilla自1998年成立以来一直是ECOEMBALAJES ESPAÑA的合作​​夥伴, 並且每年致力於回收其投放市場的所有包裝。 所有使用的容器都是可回收的。

At the factory level, Selectos de Castilla has been a partner of ECOEMBALAJES ESPAÑA since its creation in 1998 and contributes annually to recycle all the packaging it puts on the market. All the containers used are perfectly recyclable.



製造過程不需要使用化學産品, 在對生産時, 任何時候都不會進入加入著色剤, 防腐剤或任何化學或合成添加剤。 採用天然精選原材料, 經機械或熱處理。

The recipes that we use to make our products are traditional.

The manufacturing processes do not require the use of chemical products, and in the elaboration of our products, no colorant, preservative or any chemical or synthetic additive enters at any time. Clean and selected genuine natural raw materials are used that are treated with mechanical or thermal techniques.

生産工廠位於城鎮周圍, 舊建築物經過修復, 並使其與四周景觀融為一體, 並採用尊重環境的材料来建造。

在燃料方面, Selectos de Castilla正在投資以熱太陽能代替天然氣燃料以産生所需的熱水, 以及光伏太陽能来提供電力消耗。

The Elaboration plant is located in the surroundings of the town and old buildings have been rehabilitated and built with materials and architecture that are integrated into the landscape and respect the environment.

At the fuel level, Selectos de Castilla is investing to replace gas fuel with thermal solar energy to produce the hot water it needs, as well as photovoltaic solar energy to supply electricity consumption.

就牧層面而言, 盡可能採用天然原材料。 鴨子會在戶外飼養, 以獲得良好肌肉發育。 收集的糞便會散佈在附近的農田上, 以供給穀物施肥。

At the level of livestock, it is done extensively, as naturally as possible, using natural raw materials. Ducks are raised outdoors for the time necessary to become adults and acquire good muscle development. The manure that is collected is spread on nearby farmland to fertilize the cereal plots.

Selectos de Castilla的農場有14公頃的土地来養鴨, 並在1999年至2006年之間對95公頃的森林進行改造, 其中包括本土物種-恩西納(Encina), 阿爾門徳羅(Almendro), 克吉戈(Puejigo)和皮諾·皮尼奧羅(Pino Piñonero)

Selectos de Castilla has a farm with 14 hectares destined to parks for ducks, and 95 hectares that have been reforested between 1999 and 2006 with native species - Encina, Almendro, Quejigo, Pino Piñonero


農場和工廠位於the Land of Campos Palentina的Villamartin de Campos市。

飼養室和誘餌室位於空曠的地方, 由於材料和顔色配合, 使它融入四周環境中。 它們距離城鎮1.5公里, 以避免交叉污染。 夏季圍欄位於市內另一個區域。

該工廠位於小鎮的郊區, 根據當地建築風格, 在古老的時代, 把曾經是典型鴿舍的頹垣重新建造, 並圍起牆。

我們擁有自己的屠宰場和切割房, 工作間, 冷蔵室, 貼標室, 倉庫……這都是生産活動所必需的。

The Farm and the Factory are located in the municipality of Villamartin de Campos, in the Land of Campos Palentina.

The rearing rooms and the bait rooms are in the open field, integrating into the environment thanks to the materials and colors used. They are located 1.5 km from the town in order to avoid cross contamination. The summer fences are separated from this area in other parcels of the Municipality.

The Factory is located on the outskirts of the town, built in an old era enclosed by wall according to the local architecture in the ruins of what was once a typical dovecot of Tierra de Campos.

It has its own slaughterhouse and cutting rooms, workshops, cold rooms, labeling rooms, warehouses ... necessary for its activity.