Anchovy with olive oil, garlic and cayenne pepper.

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成分 Ingredients

鯷魚(53%), 橄欖油(45%), 蒜頭, 辣椒, 酒, 醋, 塩
Sardines(70%), Olive Oil, Salt

原産地 Country of Origin

西班牙 Spain

品牌 Brand



規格 Specification


190 克/g



Anchovy with Garlic and Cayenne Pepper in Olive Oil

来自坎塔布連海的鳀魚有其弱點, 因為它們要花幾個月的時間才能成熟, 然後才能出現在您的餐桌上。 每年春季, 當它們處於最佳狀態時, 我們都會使用傳統方法捕獲它們, 按照傳統方式處理。

We have a particular weakness for our anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea. It's normal, as they spend months in a maturing process before appearing on your dining table. They are caught using traditional methods every spring, when they're in their best condition, and we prepare them with care, following tradition, being so precise you'd think our grandfather Salvatore was peering over our shoulder. If you have tried them, then you'll know: he would have been very proud.

營養價值 Nutrition 



每/Per 100g


能量 Energy

686 kJ/164 kcal


脂肪 Fat
胞和脂肪 of which satured
單不飽和脂肪 of which monounsaturated
多不飽和脂肪 of which polyunsaturated

7.1 g
1.2 g
4.4 g
1.1 g


碳水化合物 Carbohydrates
of which sugar

0 g
0 g


蛋白質 Protein

24 g



2.5 g


罐頭包裝 Tin can

鳀魚 Anchovy


Olive oil

公司歴史 Company History


我們跟坎塔布連(Cantabrian)海和地中海都有深厚的渊源。 我們的故事始於19世紀末, 諾諾·薩爾瓦托·奧蘭多(Nonno Salvatore Orlando)首次涉足吉普斯誇(Gipuzkoa)的赫塔里亞(Getaria)海岸。 由他父親従故鄉西西里島遣出去。 他是在坎塔布連海岸引入了持久塩醃技術的首批意大利人之一, 至今還不為人知。 薩爾瓦多與一位巴斯克婦女西蒙娜·奧拉薩加斯蒂(Simona Olasagasti)結了婚, 他們的婚姻産生了六個孩子和数間公司。 後来, 這些公司的産品通過在該國建立的家族企業線分銷售到意大利。

如今, 是薩爾瓦多和西蒙娜的孫子馬特奧·奧蘭多(Matteo Orlando) 掌管著比斯開亞(Markka)的馬爾基納(Markina)工廠, 保持了数百年的傳統, 並為揮舞著他祖母的名字奧拉薩加斯蒂(Olasagasti)。

We have deep roots in both the Cantabrian and Mediterranean Seas. Our story starts at the end of the 19th century when nonno Salvatore Orlando first set foot on the shores of Getaria, in Gipuzkoa. He was sent from his native Sicily by his father. He was one of the Italian pioneers who introduced the long-standing salting techniques on the Cantabrian coast, where it was as yet unknown. Salvatore tied the knot with a Basque woman, Simona Olasagasti, and their marriage produced six children and various companies. The products of these companies were then distributed to Italy through established family business lines in that country.

Nowadays, it is Matteo Orlando, grandson of Salvatore and Simona, who is in charge of the factory at Markina, Bizkaia, maintaining a centuries-old tradition, flying the flag for his grandmother’s surname, Olasagasti.

Family Tree

通過将意大利美食與坎塔布連海的有趣融合, 可以将鮮魚和有数百年歴史的烹調技巧美結合。 經過在100年時間, 我們仍然致力於保持使我們與眾不同的地位; 生産在市場上脫穎而出的産品, 使坎塔布連海岸的最佳食材地區與傳統的意大利食譜如Caponata或Pesto alla Genovese結合。

From this interesting fusion of Italian cuisine with the Cantabrian Sea (or maybe the other way round) came the perfect combination of magnificent fresh fish and centuries-old know-how. After more than 100 years, we are still committed to maintaining that which makes us unique; making products which stand out in the market, aligning the best of the Cantabrian coast with traditional Italian recipes such as Caponata or Pesto alla Genovese.

公司理念 Philosophy


我們的食譜僅源自簡單完善的過程。 但實際上這個過程並不是従我們的工廠開始的, 而是従更遠的地方開始的:走幾公里就能到達的坎塔布連海, 這是一個寒冷的野生海域, 供給我們罐頭魚的種類。 那児海産豐富而且大浪, 是我們魚類的理想繁殖地, 為海産帶来無與倫比的風味和質感。

Our recipe is nothing more (or less) than a simple, perfected process. And this doesn't actually start in our factory, rather a little further away: traveling a few kilometers to the Cantabrian Sea, a cold wild sea where the species we prefer for our canned fish live. With its abundance and its steep waves, it is the perfect breeding ground for our fish, giving them unparalleled flavor and texture.

當地漁船隊遵循傳統捕魚方法並且始終尊重生態系統。 従海洋的岸邊, 在魚市場上, 我們只選擇新鮮捕撈的最好的魚作為我們的罐頭魚。

It is an old friend to the local fishing fleets, in which the arrantzales (Basque fishermen) work following traditional fishing methods which always respect our ecosystem. And it is on the shores of this ocean, at the fish markets, where we select only the best fish, freshly caught, for our canned fish.

另一個関鍵因素是我們的工廠, 該工廠距離Ondarroa,Lekeitio和Getaria港口僅数公里之遙。 隨著黎明結束, 工廠開收到鮮魚。 然後交到專家工人手中, 他們按照傳承了幾代人的傳統工藝, 用心清潔, 分離, 烹調和包裝最好的食材。 永遠不會過時的古老技術:我們的工廠配備所需的一切以應付嚴格遵循最高的質量控制標準。

Another key ingredient is our factory, located a few kilometers from the ports of Ondarroa, Lekeitio and Getaria. As dawn breaks every day, it receives the fresh fish. It then passes into the hands of expert workers, who carefully clean, separate, cook and pack the best parts, following a traditional process which has been handed down through the generations. An ancient technique which is never outdated: our facilities are equipped with everything required to strictly follow the most demanding quality control.

質量 Quality


我們認真對待食物。 我們對我們的工作要求很高, 因為我們喜歡飲食健康, 遵循健康的飲食習慣並了解最適合孩子的飲食。 如果您喜歡美味的食物, 那麼您會知道這要花時間和精力。 我們的承諾很簡單;我們想要幫助維持我們所愛的一切:

-尊重坎塔布連海岸生態系統的傳統捕魚方法, 這是我們可以傳遞給孩子們的最大禮物。
-熟練的傳統和當地生産, 對我們當地的社會産生積極影響。
-Nonno Salvatore在一個多世紀前従西西里島帶來的食譜和風味是真正的遺産。

換句話說, 我們對生活做出承諾, 以傳統和正確的方式做事, 尊重該地區著名的健康飲食習慣。 這就像是一場愛的情比賽。 通過所有這些努力,也許我們不會說服您買我們的産品, 但是一旦您品嚐了它們, 我們確定您會想要将它們帶回家。

One thing we know for sure at Olasagasti is that you can't mess around with food. We are very demanding about what we do because we love eating well, following a healthy diet and understanding what is best for our children. If you like good food, then you'll know: doing things this way takes time and commitment. Our commitment is simple; we want to help sustain everything we love:

- Traditional fishing methods, respecting the ecosystem of our Cantabrian Sea, which is the greatest gift we can pass on to our children. - The skilled traditional and local production, which has a positive effect on our local society. - The recipes and flavors which nonno Salvatore brought from Sicily over a century ago, a true legacy.

In other words, we have made a commitment for life to do things the traditional and right way, respecting the healthy eating habits this area is famous for. It is a love match. With all this effort, maybe we won't persuade you to marry our products, but once you taste them, we're sure you'll want to take them home with you.


每次打開我們的罐頭時, 您都或者會感到無法用言語形容? 我們的配方中包含許多関鍵成分:精選優質鮮魚, 我們的傳統工藝和我們独配方。 所有這些都提供了令人難以置信的風味, 並且與嚴格的衛生控制, 健康和安全法規以及對環境的愛護緊密結合。 通過這種方式, 我們確保罐頭內外的所有東西都完美無缺。我們像對待孩子一樣照顧我們的産品: 由於追溯系統涵蓋了所有生産階段, 我們可以詳細介紹每口産品的詳細歴史, 従捕魚的船乃至到您帶回家的罐。 為了使我們的網無所不包, 我們還符合AENOR認證的UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008法規。 我們是将近20年前獲得此認證的先驅, 了保持此認證, 我們接受了全面的年度審核, 我們認為這是值得的。

如果我們現在要告訴您, 我們是巴斯克海岸傳統上製作的罐頭魚製造商, 那麼這似乎很明顯。 好吧, 我們仍然想強調它。 那是因為巴斯克海岸用上傳統方式保存魚類的魚業者是一項特權。 作為該協會的成員, 我們生産罐頭魚, 例如坎塔布連海的鳀魚和北部的白鰭吞拿魚, 都是在我們的海岸上独家捕撈, 並由巴斯克政府控制可追溯性。 魚鑊經過嚴格篩選, 每一口都值得讃賞。

Every time you open one of our cans or jars, you will feel something you can't describe in words... or can you? There are many key ingredients in our formula: the selection of top quality fresh fish, our traditional process and our unique recipes. All of this provides incredible flavor and goes hand-in-hand with strict hygiene control, health and safety regulations and care for the environment. In this way, we ensure that everything is always perfect, both inside and outside the can. We care for our products as if they were our children: Thanks to the traceability system which covers all the production stages, we can give the detailed history behind each mouthful, from the boats which captured the fish to the can you take home with you. And so that nothing slips through our net, we also meet the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 regulations, certified by AENOR. We were pioneers in obtaining this certification almost 20 years ago, and in order to maintain it, we undergo comprehensive annual audits, something which we consider well worth the effort.

If we were to tell you right now that we are traditionally prepared canned fish makers on the Basque coast, it might seem obvious. Well, we still want to emphasize it in capitals. That's because the distinction of Traditionally Prepared Fish Preservers of the Basque Coast is a privilege which is not granted to many. As members of this Association, we produce canned fish such as Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and White Tuna - Bonito del Norte captured and made exclusively on our coast, with the traceability guarantee controlled by the Basque Government. A very rigorous selection which satisfies even the most demanding palates with every mouthful.